Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apres le Repas

Yes it was another hang-over day on Sunday. What an experience that was yesterday. We arrived at the hall which was full of village folk, tables all neatly laid out and lots of chatter (French chatter of course). The master of ceremonies found us a couple of seats and our English friends were nowhere to be seen - sacre bleu - We introduced ourselves to the folk on our table and eventually some of our friends arrived. Then the "orchestra" struck up - yes you have guessed it an accordion and a guitar and So So French we expected to see Renée serving the food and the gestapo having a little table in the corner!

It was mid-day and out came the first course Terrine Maison avec cornichons which was a pate served with a bread roll and little gherkins. Then the red wine was poured and everyone got up and had a dance! After a couple of Tangos, a waltz and a foxtrot, came the second course - Tarte de Saumon aux Poreaux. Salmon quiche with sweet peppers on a bed of greens. Then we had more red wine and a foxtrot, a waltz and the odd Tango! and another red wine. The third course was Trou Normand = the most delicious sorbet drowned beautifully in Calvados, which was of course followed by more red wine, a quickstep, a waltz and a jive. Then - by which time our waist lines are increasing by the minute, the main course - Cassoulet en confit individuelle, which is the famous French dish of beans, sausages, and duck and VERY filling and fattening, accompanied by more red wine and followed by - yes you've guessed it - dancing. No folks it did not stop there the fifth course was cheese, red wine, and dancing, followed by the sixth course Peach Melba, NO MORE RED WINE but line dancing and Greek dancing and waltzes. Then coffee then fizzy white liquid then mixed liquours. MON DIEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope after reading this you are all as exhausted as Dave and I were. Bear in mind that all the people in that room and there must have been over 100 were all probably between 50 and 80!!
So you see life in France has quite a lot to offer, if its only food and drink.

I have decided to go walking with the club on Tuesday - Heaven knows what joys that will bring, lets hope its only fresh air and a cup of coffee